Will the Hudson Valley be in the path of severe weather again this week?

The 4th of July didn't feel like the big summer celebration that it usually does. That's mainly because we almost broke the record for coldest 4th of July on record, with Wappingers checking in at 74 degrees on July 3rd. According to the National Weather Service, the coldest 4th of July was in 1982 with Poughkeepsie at 70 degrees.

We're looking at a much warmer week. Kicking things off today, Tuesday, July 6th we've got temps getting up to the upper 90s and a heat advisory in effect from 11 am until 8 pm according to Hudson Valley Weather.

The National Weather Service is also warning of possible severe weather later in the day.

The NWS tweeted that today will be a "busy weather day." The National Weather Service also reports that there is a Slight Risk of severe weather.


A Slight Risk of Severe Weather includes the threat of powerful winds (60 to 85 MPH) and small hail.

Speaking of severe weather, the Village and Town of Wappingers is still cleaning up after a storm blew through the area last week. The National Weather Service was in the Hudson Valley to view the damage and they came to the conclusion that a microburst touched down.

While it wasn't a tornado, it was almost as intense with winds blowing through Wappingers at a speed of 85 Miles Per Hour.  Messier Park and Bowdoin Park saw serious damage with downed trees and powerlines.

This is just a Slight Risk, but we all know that Hudson Valley weather can change at the drop of a hat. Take precautions while traveling and make sure to have water, portable chargers, and flashlights just in case.

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