The ill-fated Golden Corral that's sitting empty on Route 9 may soon be open for business again, but big changes will need to happen first.

According to a report from the Poughkeepsie Journal, Golden Corral is looking at a new franchisee for the buffet restaurant that stunned the Hudson Valley by closing just weeks after their debut.

The restaurant was plagued with management issues. Customers complained of food that was sub-par and promised buffet items that just weren't available. Stories of an overdose in the restaurant bathroom and a dispute with workers over unpaid wages contributed to Golden Corral's rocky start.

A. Boris
A. Boris

After the disastrous press the Poughkeepsie restaurant received, Golden Corral indicated that they would never be interested in reopening the location, with some speculating that the building would be transformed into another generic buffet or continue to sit empty like so many other doomed business on Route 9.

But now there's word that Golden Corral is looking to start fresh with a new franchisee. Of course, the chain will most likely be much more hands-on this time around, making sure all of their procedures are followed correctly and that workers are being properly managed.

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