Hudson Valley residents who live in the Poughkeepsie Metro Area suffer through some of the worst commutes in the country.

When you think of terrible places to drive in New York State you might automatically assume New York City or driving anywhere in the 5 Boroughs for that matter. Your instincts are correct as those places can be nightmares to travel in by car but the good news is that those places are easy to get to by using public transportation. You don't have to drive through them regularly. Others choose not to work in those areas to avoid the stress of a hectic commute. Some people don't avoid those spots and still choose to travel there daily or even to Westchester or Albany County. You can still have a bad commute while living and working in Dutchess County.

Imagine getting to work in roughly 15 minutes. It might sound insane but it is a reality for commuters in places Walla Walla, Washington and Dubuque, Iowa according to Stacker. Stacker also listed 6 metro areas with the worst average commute times. They found the average commute in these places were about 30 minutes. They found that almost 20% of people in these areas had a commute time of over an hour.

According to Stacker, the Metros with the worst average commute times East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, New York-Newark-Jersey City,  Stockton, Washington-Arlington-Alexandria and San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley.

Poughkeepsie Metro Area Has 6th Worst Commute In America.

The Poughkeepsie metro area didn't do very well as it was ranked the 6th worst commute in the country. The average commute time here is about 33 minutes.


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