Who knew you could find inspiration in a well-timed April Fools Day joke? One Hudson Valley ice cream company is learning that local ice cream lovers have a unique palette.

Back on Friday, April 1st, most commonly known as April Fools Day, big and small companies alike had some harmless fun on social media. Personally, I fell for the Bud Light Bridgerton inspired new seltzer line.

Locally, one ice cream shop had some fun offering up a salty, sweet combo.

Spoons Ice Cream in Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie, NY is known for some crazy concoctions. For instance, Spoons is home to some truly insanely sweet Freak Shakes and they're the home of the genius Doughnini (that's a donut-ice cream-panini if you were wondering).

So on April Fools Day, the Spoons staff posted a photo of a cup of vanilla soft-serve ice cream topped with pickle crumbles and a pickle chip on their Instagram account. What was supposed to be a joke, turned into an appreciation post of sorts.

Comments were coming in with excitement and enthusiasm for the strange combination. One Instagram user wrote:

I mean…as a pregnant woman this actually sounds delicious. April Fool joke or not!

Another fan added:

This actually looks amazing.

Spoons had to clarify that the pickle-ice cream combo was actually an April Fools Day Joke and explained:

It was an April Fools Day joke y’all
Joke might be on us though- should we really add pickles as a topping?!
Guess what the ladies at Spoons did? Yup, pickles are now a topping for all of your ice cream desires. Spoons says:
You all got so mad at us when we revealed that the pickle topping was a joke, that we had no choice but to add it to the menu .
Please help us welcome Picklegate to the Spoons menu .
Vanilla soft serve (ONLY flavor it comes with) topped with PB Sauce (trust us) and DILL PICKLES.This might be a limited time release so come get some while we have it!We promise this isn’t a joke this time.
Picklegate is now available at Spoons, which is located in Eastdale Village and is a woman-owned business that serves up "gourmet sundaes, colossal milkshakes, ice cream cakes and other sweet treats!"

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