Here's your chance to own a lake and a large amount of land in the Hudson Valley.

So it's safe to say finding the perfect house in the Hudson Valley is pretty much impossible these days. It's a mess between the crazy high housing prices and people having to settle on homes just for the sake of owning something....and getting a lake.

If you're going to be spending a ton of money anyway, maybe it's just better to buy some land and really build what you want. This way you can design exactly what you want and you're not settling on something you don't love.

A HUGE I mean HUGE amount of land and lake is for sale in Sullivan County and the price of it recently dropped dramatically.

What land/land is currently for sale in Sullivan County?

It's called Hunter Lake and it's a 172.2 acre property you could own your own lake, buy it with a few friends or make a subdivision out of it. The lake contains  Pickerel, Sunfish, Blue Gills, Perch, Crappies and Catfish in it. This is literally a fisherman's dream spot and location.

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The property is listed at 122 Jaketown Road in Bethel, NY and the current asking price is $3,999,000. There recently was a $501 K price drop in the listing price and that drop makes a huge difference.

There's a little twist with this property, a good twist. The property also comes with a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom home, it adds .4 acres to the beautiful property.

Think this could be your dream spot? Click here for all the information on it.

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