A proposed walkway on the river in Poughkeepsie would unite the waterfront. How cool would it be to walk all the way from Shadows to the Walkway Over The Hudson without having to take a detour down Rinaldi Boulevard?

The City of Poughkeepsie and the Poughkeepsie Alliance seek feedback from the general public regarding the proposed elevated walkway around Kaal Rock Park. The project would cost in the neighborhood of $2.5 million, but would offer a dramatic increase in river access for the community.

A public presentation was made on April 13th at River Station in Poughkeepsie outlining several possible designs for the walkway. Concepts included a suspended boardwalk, fixed pier or even a boardwalk supported by floating docks. Environmental impact, cost and the ability to use the walkway year-round are all important factors in the process. The goal is to minimize cost and disturbance to Kaal Rock Point while providing access to those who seek it out.

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