One of my goals is to visit as many Pubs, Bars & Restaurants in the Hudson Valley. While this may seem like the ramblings of an alcohol dependent DJ, it's really just to have fun with as many different people as possible.

I kicked off my St. Patrick's Day the past two years in Campbell Hall, NY at a popular local pub called Horse & Sulky Pub & Grill. This place is fantastic! Plenty of cold beers on tap and friendly service from their staff.

Last year I discovered the joy that is their burger. The all beef patty is surrounded by the perfect bun, a toasted English Muffin. It kept the meat and all of my extra fixins together allowing me to eat at a comfortable pace without it coming apart in my hand.

Local music legend Chris Turpin sang all of the traditional Irish Pub songs I've come to know and love. He was backed by The Chris Turpin band, definitely a group to see if you never have before. The instrumental talents complimented their vocal styles and are always pleasurable to the ear.