Pawsome the awesome WRRV cat is not your average radio station kitty. Too bad his Pictionary skills are way below average at best.

Like it or not, I guess I'm the resident "cat person" in the building. In an effort to spend more time with my newest cat I decided to bring him to work. I figured that every radio station needs a mascot. In our case we have Pawsome.

After our show we decided to play a little game of Pictionary in the studio. It didn't go so well. I'm no animal expert but I believe that the problem was that cats lack the hand eye coordination it takes to play the game. Or maybe it was because cats don't really have hands.

Needless to say Pawsome didn't do so hot and unfortunately he has a short amount of patience and a bit of a temper.

You'll never guess the word that Pawsome was trying to do draw. We sure couldn't. Watch for yourself.