I talk about my almost 4 year old daughter pretty regularly on the air.  She's a cool kid, has grown up in/around a radio station, and has excellent taste in music (in my opinion anyway).

Well, personally, I don't censor my music around her.  I try not to play stuff loaded with curses, and since i'm usually listening to the radio that isn't an issue, but other than that, I don't change the station if a questionable content song blasts through the speakers.

Last night I was scrolling through facebook and came across a post in one of my mom groups that asked the following:

Thoughts on letting your preschooler listen to songs like Billie Eilish, Bad Guy?  I wasn’t raised with music restrictions and fondly remember singing every salt-n-peppa lyric while dancing on my friends couch.

With permission from the initial poster, I thought i'd take it beyond the facebook moms group and to all of you - when it comes to music and kids, where do you fall?  Leave it on and let them enjoy the tunes, or change the song? Comment below!

Lots of people, myself included, weighed in about letting kids listen to that song specifically, or other similar style songs. Most people agreed that they allow their kids to listen to songs that have lyrics that go over their heads, and shared some other tunes that kids sing along to that they really (thankfully) don't know the meaning behind.  Others talked about having some conversations about certain song lyrics with their little ones.  Some change the song immediately.

As for me, my girl will continue to grow up rocking out to what i've got on the radio (I mean, does she really have a choice), even if she has turned a few heads while screaming, "bury a friend, I wanna end me," from one of our other favorite Billie Eilish songs, at the top of her lungs, in the grocery store...