Shocking April snow brought nearly two feet of snow to some parts of New York State. Other towns reported record-breaking snow.

The National Weather Service out of Binghampton reported record-breaking snow in the Town of Maine, New York. 11.4 inches of snow fell in one day in April. This shattered an old record of 6.9 inches set in 1983.

Record-Breaking Snow in Town of Maine, New York

"This is also the latest date for one-day snowfall of at least 11.0 inches on record," the National Weather Service out of Binghampton stated.


The Town of Maine, New York also set a new record for two-day snowfall at 14.2 inches. The previous record of 13.6 inches was sent from April 15 to April 16, 2007.

Nearly 10 Inches of Snow in Orange County, New York

At least one Hudson Valley town reported nearly a foot of snow.

In the Hudson Valley, Florida, in Orange County, was hit with 9 inches of snow.

National Weather Service Albany Snowfall Totals

The National Weather Service from Albany reports parts of the region received up to 18 inches of snow. Take a look at the photo below to see snow totals:


"Here is a *Preliminary* snowfall analysis map from reports received today (April 19, 2022) from this late-season winter storm. Thanks to all who submitted reports," the National Weather Service Albany wrote while releasing its snowfall totals.

National Weather Service Binghampton Snowfall Totals

One town near Cortland saw 18 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service. Check out the photo below for more snow totals.


Virgil, New York, Erieville reports Virgil, New York, from Southern Cortland County, was hit with 18 inches of snow. The Village of Erieville, in Madison County, was hit with 16.3 inches of snow.

The Washington Post reported Indian Lake, New York had 16 inches and Piseco, New York 14 inches accumulated.

Other snowfall totals reported by the Washington Post from New York include:

  • Erieville: 16.3 inches
  • Hoffmeister:15.5 inches
  • Marathon:15 inches
  • Paris, N.Y.: 13.5 inches
  • Maryland, N.Y.: 13 inches
  • Windsor, N.Y.: 12.5 inches
  • Oneonta, N.Y.:12 inches

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