A Dutchess County dog owner is now facing several charges after their dog was shot and killed by Red Hook Police.

Dog Shot and Killed in Red Hook, NY

In a statement released by the Red Hook Police Department on Thursday, June 8th Red Hook Police Officer Rifenburgh and Sgt. Sterrit arrived at a call in the Forest Park development in the Town of Red Hook for an active neighbor dispute. After settling the dispute, Sterrit and Rifenburgh were on the way back to their patrol vehicles when, the statement explains, "without provocation or cause they were charged by an aggressive pit bull." The Red Hook Police Department adds:

The dog attempted to bite Sgt. Sterritt at which time Officer Rifenburgh discharged two rounds from his department issued service weapon stopping the threat. The dog was transported to a local veterinary hospital where it later succumbed to its injuries.

DCSPCA Charges Dog Owner After Investigation

On June 15th, according to the press release, after a week-long investigation, the Dutchess County SPCA charged the dog's owners with unlicensed/unregistered dog, dog at large (not contained/off owners property), and dog attempting to bite/jump/harass.

Red Hook Police Department, Facebook
Red Hook Police Department, Facebook

The statement goes on to explain that the DCSPCA determined the dog left its residence at "2 Cedar Drive and attempted to attack the members who were on the property of 5 Evergreen Lane."

Initially, just body cam screencaps were shared on the Red Hook Police Department Facebook page, but shortly after the statement was released the video that was posted. The video is available for viewing and we will warn you the video is somewhat graphic and depicts the incident in slow motion. You can view the video on The Red Hook Police Departments Facebook page.

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