Apparently, this guy got a bit confused and forgot where he lived? Some homeowners in New York state must have been quite shocked when they found a complete and total stranger sprawled out in one of their family room chairs. The sleepy intruder had somehow entered the residence and decided to take a snooze before police arrived. Maybe he thought it was an Airbnb?

WHAM is reporting that police were called to the home right before midnight on March 18, to report of someone passed out on one of their chairs. To reiterate, this wasn't a household pet, or another family member taking a nap in their home. The person in question was an unidentified stranger who bears a resemblance to one of the members of ZZ Top.

Police say the 47-year-old man from Perry, NY was highly intoxicated and was later escorted out of the house and charged with third-degree criminal trespass.


The Search for More Booze

In this case, the alleged suspect had already done all his drinking before entering the stranger's home. Back in 2019 though, another New York state man entered a home that wasn't his in search of booze. WETM is reporting that a 25-year-old Canisteo man allegedly broke into his own neighbor's house to pick up some booze for a late-night drink.

New York State police say the thirsty suspect used force to break into the home, as his neighbor slept. This is when the intruder allegedly headed for the fridge to take his pick of booze. WETM says the neighbor called 911 when he noticed his fridge had been raided. The beer bandit did not get far, as troopers arrested him and then later charged him with Burglary in the 2nd Degree.

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