A local favorite with more than twenty years history say's it's days may be numbered.

The Hobnobbin' Pub in the town of Poughkeepsie has been in operation for 26 years but according to the Poughkeepsie Journal the local staple may have limited time left in the Hudson Valley. The property has now been for sale for over a year and it's future would be decided by whomever purchased the property. Current owner of the pub, Merrick Egan tells the Journal his hopes are that they stay right where they are.

Egan confirmed to the Journal that the properties owners have had the pub located at 11 Vassar Road on the market for over a year. The future of the restaurant is uncertain since new owners have the right to decide to change the businesses direction or they could keep the pub, it's anyone's guess. According to the Journal Hobnobbin' Pub will continue to operate at least through the end of August 2017 when it's lease will end.

This is not the first time the beloved restaurants future has come in question. I personally can remember a fundraiser being held a few years back to help keep the pubs doors open. I remember this because so many people in the community joined forces to try and keep it open, they cared so much about the place. It's easy to see that Hobnobbin' is not just a pub, it has history and according to it's owner a second home for many in the community. For those who love it so much I hope you keep you're home away from home!