The Hudson Valley is filled with culturally significant landmarks that played a role in our nations history. On June 3rd a Revolutionary War re-enactment will take place at Washington Headquarters Historic Site in Newburgh. The Daily Freeman reports the re-enactment will take place from 1-4 although the park will be open from 11-5 to accommodate visitors to the Hasbrouck House and museum.

George Washington lived on the property towards the end of the war and several significant actions were made while living there. That included the decision to not be named 'king' after the fighting was done. Washington also created the 'Badge of Military Merit' which was a precursor to the Purple Heart while there. Perhaps most importantly he put to rest the 'Newburgh Conspiracy', a planned coup by the army in response to lack of pay and pension funding.

If you'd like to pay a visit some other time, they're open Wednesday through Sunday through Late October.