When you have close to a dozen of these things you are going to lose a few here and there.

How many masks do you own now? Between my wife and I there's probably close to 20 of these stupid things floating around my house and our cars at any given time. We've got cloth masks, disposable masks and even novelty masks that we bought just to wear one time and we still never threw them away. I know why we're wearing them. I'm not denying the science behind it but I'm becoming a mask hoarder. I've heard that some scientists are now saying we should be wearing two of these things at once now. I'm not sure I'm responsible enough to keep two of these things safe at once.


One of the reasons why I have so many masks is because I keep misplacing them. I'm also losing them at an alarming rate.


I don't know about you but this happens to me on a weekly basis. I'll park, walk to a business or work only to find that I suddenly don't have my mask anymore.

I'll return to my car thinking that I left it in there only to find that it fell out of my pocket and on the ground.

Do I still use it or should I throw it away? Does the 10 second rule apply to masks too?

What if it has been left in a parking lot for days in a blizzard?

How are you washing these things?

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