I'm used to reading about dumb criminals. I hear about them on a daily basis, in fact. It Came From the Internet being a regular feature of my radio show has forced me to realize that no matter what, I have yet to see the depths of the depravity, brazenness, and lunacy of human beings.

That being said, sometimes something comes along that's so confounding in its stupidity that it renders you nearly speechless. That's the case in the story featured today, a situation wherein a man commits a violent crime against someone... yet still decides to do basically everything within his power to get caught. Good news: he succeeds!

Seriously, take a listen to what this guy did and try to wrap your head around it in any way. Confusing? Certainly. Audacious? Yeah, sure. Really, really, really, really, incredibly, jaw-droppingly stupid? Oh yes, without a doubt.