Most of the people applying to McDonald's for the summer are teenagers on break from school. Why not try to reach them through their favorite social media app?

Hey, it makes sense. I'm only a couple years older than the kids McDonald's is targeting, and I've seen how massively popular Snapchat is. I'm pretty confident we don't even know how to communicate anymore if we're not accompanied by a wacky filter and less than 10 seconds long.

McDonald's is calling this new project "Snaplications," and it sounds like they did something similar in Australia last year before now expanding to the US. Basically, a 10-second ad will pop up on Snapchat which the viewer can use to redirect them to the McDonald's career page, where they can apply at their local restaurants. McDonald's has also been using Spotify and Hulu to reach its audience in the same vein.

My question is, what happens when Snapchat isn't cool anymore? Snapchat's influence has bleeded into other social media sites - Instagram has stories now, Facebook can apply filters to videos - but it's only a matter of time before the next thing takes over. Can McDonald's keep up when FlapBucket allows users to transmit thoughts using only their fingerprint? We'll have to wait and see.