There aren't many better ways to start off a video than with a gun shot. Royal Blood knows this, and so goes the opening of their video for "How Did We Get So Dark?" The song comes from the group's album of the same name released earlier in the summer.

Instead of the usual kind of apocalypse video featuring desert wastes, Royal Blood treats us to a future where the world's biggest commodity isn't oil or gold, but rabbits. We follow a drifter driving from place to place, killing people in his way and taking their rabbits as his prize. All's going well in his quest, until he runs into another scrapper doing the same thing, and the two become embroiled in a car chase, and subsequent shoot out between both cars. As the two come to a draw, they find themselves in a field, surrounded by women marching towards the car with carrots in hand.

Royal Blood recently wrapped up a tour with Queens of the Stone Age, and are ending the year on a pretty high note. In the earlier part of 2017, the group made the late night rounds, first on Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform "Lights Out," then Late Night With Seth Meyers for "I Only Lie When I Love You," and most recently on The Late Late Show for "Lights Out." All of this meaning: Royal Blood are pretty used to TV by now, and the concept for "How Did We Get So Dark" would make for a pretty excellent show.

Watch "How Did We Get So Dark" above!