As the saga of the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge continues, the story comes to a tragic end for one of their ambassador animals.

Recently, due to violations, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation ordered officials at the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge to safely find new homes for many of their animals by October 25th. "Re-Homing" the wolves, a fisher cat, fox and turtle reportedly went well. That wasn't the case for 2 bear named "Ahote" and "Luvey",

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According to Adirondack Wildlife Refuge, the bears were sent to Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. Initial reports were that all went well with the transfer and the 2 were starting to get acquainted with their latest surroundings. All of that changed on Sunday.

Based on a post on the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Facebook page, sadly one of the bears didn't survive the transfer. Ahote, a black phase bear, has apparently died of stress.

"She (Ahote) died of apparent stress a day or so after arrival. The handlers from Maine Wildlife Park are professionals, who came to pick the bears up, and from what we observed, did everything by the book. Luvey, the brown phase black bear is apparently okay" - Adirondack Wildlife Refuge Officials

You might recall that Ahote, meaning "restless one", escaped from the Adirondack Wildlife Refuge in Wilmington last June. Ahote had been spotted around town for a few days until officials located her about 1 mile from the refuge and brought here home. Ahote also escaped the refuge in 2019. On that occasion she was gone for 2 weeks.

Ahote's one final escape happened over the weekend, this time she is gone forever.

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