Pandemic or no pandemic, the Maybrook Fire Department is seeing to it that the kids in Maybrook and Rock Tavern have a merry Christmas this year. The department says that they have reached out to the North Pole and Santa himself says that he will take time out of his busy schedule to spread a little cheer within the community.

Santa Claus will arrive on the morning of Christmas Eve and will be riding around on top of an antique engine being escorted by the firefighting and police department elves between the hours of 10AM and 1PM. Due to the current circumstances they will not be able to stop and they will not be able to ride down all the streets but they have selected a route of travel so if they’re not coming down your street you can still be part of the festivities.

In the Village and Town of Maybrook, Santa will take Tower Avenue through the park to Schipps to Homestead Avenue, Henry Henning/208 South back into the village, to Aristotle Drive, Everett Place, Bodle Circle back to Everett to Saracino Drive. Saracino to Blake Road to Rakov Road to Crystal Drive back to Saracino. Country Club Drive to Adams Drive to Indian Trail back to Homestead. Then Clark Place to Highland to Broadway.

In Rock Tavern Santa will be on Forrester Road, East Green Road, Twin Arch Road, Beattie Road, Wagner Drive, Shaw Road, Liberty Court, Little Britain and James Wilkenson Road.

For more information about the Christmas Eve Santa Claus Parade through Maybrook and rock Tavern, check out the Maybrook Fire Department facebook page.   

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