A telemarketing scam that aims to separate computer users from their financial information has resurfaced in the Hudson Valley.  

The scam involves a cold call from a person claiming they are from a large computer company, like Dell or Microsoft.

The person then will ask to remotely connect to the victim's computer, followed by a claim that they can fix the problem if a credit card number is provided.

Victims report receiving unsolicited calls from what they believe are foreign call centers. If you allow them remote access to your computer, they will claim to run a scan and discover a virus.

They then apply high pressure sales tactics to convince you to buy unnecessary software or services to "fix" your computer.

Consumer affairs advises the public to never provide credit card or any personal information to an unknown, unverified caller.

If you receive a call out of the blue regarding your computer's security status or remote access, hang up, even if the caller mentions a well-known company or product.

Consumer affairs can be reached at (845) 340-3260