Meshuggah: the key ingredient to any funny metal parody video. For whatever reason, it's always them. Someone even replaced the drums in their music with the sound of candy once. But that's not why we're here this time. We're here because someone thought it'd be entertaining to re-cut bits of School of Rock using some Meshuggah material. Spoiler alert: it is entertaining.

This video is centered around the scene where Jack Black takes command of the classroom, discovering the musical talents of the students while encouraging them to give a few different instruments a go. Within seconds, these kids uncover their abilities to dominate complex polyrhythms. Or just bowel-shaking bass notes like when he instructs a girl to play a G and some Meshuggah gets spliced in. We know what's coming, but it's funny every time.

There was a School of Rock reunion of sorts earlier this year when Jack Black rolled into Chicago with Tenacious D. He was seen hanging out with two of the film's stars and one of them even went on to become a professional drummer.

Tenacious D released their latest album, Post-Apocalypto, in November and it was their first since 2012's Rise of the FenixPost-Apocalypto debuted at No. 93 on the Billboard 200, a steep fall from No. 4 on the previous record.

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