In a recent GQ article, Scott Stapp shared the experience of touring on the same bus that had been the one that Scott Weiland had died in months earlier and it was reported that the Creed / Art of Anarchy singer said he felt like Weiland was speaking to him from beyond the grave. However, the singer was not happy with how his quotes were portrayed in the article and insists he was not visited by the ghost of Weiland.

Stapp was initially quoted as saying, "I remember being in the bathroom, looking in the mirror, on the bus, and really feeling like I could hear or feel him saying, ‘Dude, this could have been you. And this could be you if you continue that path. Don’t do what I did. Don’t go down that road.’ And, literally, I’m having this moment."

In a new interview with Alternative Nation, Stapp says, "Scott Weiland didn’t literally speak to me. What I was referring to there was how being on this tour bus that he died in created an epiphany within me. The way I carried on my life at certain times could have put me in that same position. In no way, shape or form, as you interpreted, did Scott Weiland speak to me. Those were the writer’s words, not mine."

In general, Stapp was not happy with the article. “The writer for that article was, in my opinion, way out of line, and wrote an article just to assassinate me personally,” Stapp stated. “He took any window of opportunity to take anything I said out of context.”

Stapp is currently a member of Art of Anarchy, the band for which Weiland once recorded vocals. The band's sophomore album, The Madness, is a personal one for Stapp, whose troubled past informs some of the material on the disc. The album was released in March.

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