We've all seen that jerk fly by a bus while it's stopped and dropping kids off after school. What should the punishment be? A new law in Canada could cause them to lose their license. Is that the necessary punishment?

According to the AARP, almost 50,000 drivers will fly by a bus in New York State alone. In New York, you face a $250 - $500 fine for passing a bus illegally. Is that a fair punishment given what could potentially happen for someone's carelessness?

According to CBS, our neighbors to the north have decided to fight back against dangerous drivers who may put kids in danger. If you are caught passing a stopped bus illegally you may face a fee that is up to $5,000. You'll also have your license revoked. You can pay to have it reinstated for a fee and after you've proven that you've taken a defensive driver course.

Should this be the punishment or are they taking it too far?

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