Since White Castle isn't coming to the Hudson Valley (for now), I decided to take the matter into my own hands and hit up a White Castle in a far away land called New Jersey.

As much as I'd like to admit the sole purpose of our trip was a stop at the burger mecca, the reason we were driving past it to begin with was the fact that Roger Waters of Pink Floyd was doing a tour dress rehearsal at the old IZOD Center down the road at the, now called, Meadowlands Arena. So the stars aligned and after the show, we decided to make a pit stop and cash in the coupons White Castle Corporate HQ sent.

Getting to White Castle in the first place after a show at the Meadowlands is different for New Yorkers because of the fact you can't take a left hand turn on Route 17. But no big deal, we got there thanks to the GPS and the rest is history.

Upon placing the order for the Crave Case, the cashier had her manager verify that it was real. Of course it's real, it's from corporate HQ! It turns out the coupon was good for 30 hamburgers, but not the cheese. So I did the only thing a logical man would do in that situation, and that's pay for the damn cheese.