Fake news has struck efforts to bring a White Castle to the region. An article popped up today via hoax website claiming a White Castle was in fact coming to Danbury.

Unfortunately upon clicking the article, it's clearly false. But when shared on Facebook, it looks legit.

It turns out this Channel 24 site is in fact a hoax site where people can go in and create fake news stories to spread via social media.

Our efforts to have a more accessible White Castle started when we found out Golden Corral was closing and a plea was made to open a new location there. This got the attention of some of the big wigs at the company and as a result I got a nice care package and hand written letter.

From there I decided to respond with disappointment to their lack of plans to move into the area. The demand is there, I know it. I could potentially support the place myself, Crave Cases for days.