It looks like her gym, tan and laundry time might get an extension while she's in quarantine.

Even though the COVID vaccine is now being distributed and most New Yorkers are continuing to follow social distancing guidelines many people are still contracting COVID-19.

Data shared from the New York Times states that COVID cases in New York have seen a decline on since this time last month but we're not out of the clear just yet. As of Valentine's Day there was 136 cases in New York alone.

Many notable celebrities like Tom Hanks, Ellen Degeneres and Idris Elba have contracted the virus. One more celebrity with local ties has been added to the list.

The reality television star from the Hudson Valley recently has tested positive for COVID-19. She shared the news with her followers on Instagram on Valentine's Day.

Polizzi grew up in Marlboro, New York before achieving international fame back by achieving on MTV's Jersey Shore in 2009.

She's appeared on countless other projects since the end of Jersey Shore including How Far is Tattoo Far? and she even appeared on Dancing With the Stars.

Besides film and television, Polizzi has opened up her very own boutique called the Snooki Shop and unveiled her new location in downtown Beacon last year.

It's a bummer to catch COVID-19 and lose your sense of smell and taste on any day but it seems to hit way worse on Valentine's Day when your showered with flowers and chocolates.

Feel better, Snook.

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