Last week I asked for your suggestions on how to talk to little ones about the current situation, and  I really appreciated your feedback.  I've been trying to explain what is going on, and why she isn't in school or can't play with her friends.

Rewind to Wednesday, it was beautiful outside, she had her face pressed against the window while I was at the dining room table, aka my new office, headphones on trying to do some editing.  After asking for the 234th time to go outside and play I decided to let her out for a little bit, reminding her she couldn't necessarily play with friends.

Then, the best idea, maybe of my lifetime, popped into my head.

Social. Distance. Simon. Says.

Megaphone, kids spread out down the street, me on a step-stool calling out things for the kiddos to do, what could go wrong...

It turned out to be a lot of fun, kids enjoyed it, adults too, and we have plans to do megaphone karaoke at some point soon...


What creative ways are you staying busy and keeping the kids occupied during social distancing?