Make sure you know the difference between the real and fake solar eclipse glasses.

We are getting closer and closer to the Solar Eclipse and at this point it's all everyone is talking about. If you're one of the last minute people and you're still trying to get a pair of those solar eclipse glasses, be careful because fake ones have been fooling people. A lot of places have posted that they are fresh out of solar eclipse glasses so you don't want to miss out and get a fake pair.

I know, there's always someone out there who is trying to ruin it for everyone. It's going to get harder and harder to find a pair as we get closer so it's very important to pay attention to these trips.

How can you spot a fake pair of solar eclipse glasses?

There's a few ways:

  • Test them out indoors, if you can see everyday objects like your furniture then your glasses aren't dark enough for solar viewing
  • Check there's an ISO number on your pair of glasses (if there isn't your pair could be fake)
  • Check out the AAS Website and if the vendor you got them from isn't on the list then your pair of glasses could be fake

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The Solar Eclipse is going to be seen throughout a lot of parts of the country and a lot of people are gearing up for it. I recently talked with people from Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Indiana and beyond and they are all expecting to have a ton of extra people in their area for the eclipse.

Where are you going to be when the Solar Eclipse happen? Are you planning on traveling at all for it? Share the details with us on the station app 

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