Observing Ash Wednesday during a pandemic will look very different just like everything else these days.

Fat Tuesday is now in the rearview. Hopefully, you got your fill of glutinous foods and got your day of excess is behind you if you're observing Lent. If you're not partaking in Lent then you're free to go to the stores and raid all the leftover Paczki that didn't sell.

Ash Wednesday is a Holy day and a day of fasting for many Christians. Today, you may see many Hudson Valley residents with ash on their foreheads in the form of a cross. This is to represent both their repentance an mortality hence the dust. The practice is usually done by a priest or someone from the church. However, this year things will be done differently at many churches as social distancing measures are still in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to USA Today, instead of someone from the church spreading the ashes on worshippers with their finger they have been asked to sprinkle the ashes on and allow the worshipper to spread the ashes themselves per the request by the Vatican.

Some churches are giving out small baggies containing the ashes and are encouraging church members to spread them on themselves.

Both the sprinkling method and the DIY kits will most likely prove to be more safe in a pandemic world as they are contactless.

Lent starts today and is observed through the Saturday before Easter.

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