Lent begins on Wednesday, February 17 2021 and goes until Saturday, April 3 2021. This holiday lasts for six weeks leading up to Easter. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, ending on Easter Sunday and is known as as a time of fasting.

Depending on the person, Lent is a time when someone gives up a specific item or thing that they do. For me, I have given up pizza and some of my favorite foods for the full 40 days. I have known people who have given up alcohol, social media and chocolate. What would you give up?

Have you ever wondered why Ash Wednesday is called Ash Wednesday? There is an actual ceremony of the blessing of ashes after burning palm branches or crosses. You may have seen people with crosses on their heads during this mark. This cross marks the official beginning of Lent.

In addition to Lent, Palm Sunday also plays a roll in this holiday. Palm Sunday is the mark of the Holy Week which is also the last week of Lent and before Easter. Good Friday is also a symbolic day during Lent since it’s the day that believers remember Jesus and the crucifixion.

Some folks avoid meat during Lent while others don’t eat it on Fridays. If you celebrate Lent and enjoy fish, you’re in the clear since it’s not considered meat.

If you don’t celebrate Lent, take this time to reflect and see what you can do for others. Improving ourselves and spreading kindness can truly change the world for the better. Fill us in below.

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