Personally, all I want to do with this dog is give him pets and tell him what a good boy he is, but this canine has a job to do.

Police K9s are important members of nearly every police force, and the Hudson Valley is lucky to have multiple agencies with four-legged partners. The newest addition to the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) is already earning his dinner.

DCSO via Facebook
DCSO via Facebook

New Addition at the Dutchess County Sheriff's Office

"Sheriff Kirk Imperati announces a new member to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office!' began a recent post from the DCSO. "K9 Bruiser, who is a one-year-old male Bloodhound, recently completed our DCSO K9 School and is certified in tracking". Not only is Bruiser a certified tracker, but he's already put his skills to the test.

K9 Bruiser joins the already-impressive K( unit of the DCSO (DCSO via Facebook)
K9 Bruiser joins the already-impressive K9 unit of the DCSO (DCSO via Facebook)

Lickin' Faces and Crackin' Cases

It's always important to make a good first impression, and in the line of duty, being adorable isn't enough to make the cut. Luckily, Bruiser is fitting in professionally, too. While tight-lipped about the details, the DCSO shared that "K9 Bruiser has already been hard at work and recently assisted the patrol bureau with locating a missing person." How Bruiser arrived at the DCSO is an amazing story as well.

Bruiser's Roots Are From a Rescue

The DCSO gave a special thank you to Rock n' Rescue, an animal rescue organization located in South Salem, NY, for connecting them with Bruiser. If the name sounds familiar, Rock n' Rescue is the same organization involved with the rescue of a kitten that a runner found mid-race at this year's prestigious Chicago Marathon (above).

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Agencies all over New York state rely on K9 officers for everything from helping to find missing persons to assisting with arrests. Across the Hudson River in Orange County, NY, the Orange County Sheriff's Office (OSCO) has a whole squad of adorable officers. Check out the photos below.

Meet the 8 K9s of the Orange County Sheriff's Office

The Orange County Sheriff's Office has 8 K9s certified in many different areas, all of them are certified good pups who deserve all the treats and belly rubs.

Gallery Credit: The Orange County Sheriff's Office

NYS DEC K9 Cramer

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation relies on its K9 team in the field. Cramer was the first K9 assigned to NYS DEC Region 1, Long Island. He is trained in evidence recovery for fish and wildlife. He is certified in venison, stripe bass, and ducks.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn