Just in time for Cyber Monday, here's a deal that everyone is just dying for.

We're all aware of some of the weird things that are for sale on Craigslist but who would have thought that the Facebook Marketplace has become the new haven for the oddball items for sale.

Though this ad is not local to the Hudson Valley, it did make it my feed as it's just past Connecticut. While scrolling through the items for sale I came across a used coffin.

Here's the posting. Who's in the mood for some spooky savings this holiday season?

Facebook Marketplace

I wasn't in the market for a casket but after looking up some prices online I found out that this is a major bargain!

I have so many questions. How does a casket get repossessed? Did the owner's family stop paying for it? Would you rest in a repo? I myself want the Cadillac of coffins but if I'm dead how could I even know the difference?