A song from a popular album recorded right here in the Hudson Valley has officially hit number one. 'Cleopatra' from The Lumineers is sitting pretty on the top of the Billboard Alternative Chart this week.

Produced at Clubhouse Studio in Rhinebeck, 'Cleopatra' was the first album from the band in nearly four years. Catskill resident Simon Felice, who the band refers to as their 'Shaman', was on board for production duties. The song itself was about an encounter Wesley had in the Republic of Georgia with a woman who was an acquaintance of his wife's best friend. Check out the video below for the interesting story if you have an extra three minutes and twenty five seconds.

The Lumineers continue their world tour with more headlinging shows before heading out with U2. We had a chance to speak with lead singer Wesley Shultz regarding the albums local connections before the Speed of Sound Festival last summer.