Don't even think about carrying one across the border. A sparkler ban has gone into effect in Westchester County and could result in a $500 fine for using one, it's even more if you're caught selling them. The sale of sparklers is now a misdemeanor and could result in a $1,000 fine and even jail time.

LoHud reports that County legislators unanimously passed legislation turning sparklers into contraband. The Pyrotechnic Children's Safety Act prohibits the use and sale of sparklers anywhere in Westchester County.

Flashback to 2014 when state law legalized the use of small fireworks outside of New York City, it was up to the individual counties to make laws regulating use. Westchester never put laws in place to allow the sale of sparklers. However, a new law requires counties to opt out if they'd like to prevent use in the future. The ban has the support of many local fire companies who said they pose safety risks.

Who's next? Will we see sparklers banned in Dutchess, Orange, Ulster or Sullivan Counties? Suffolk and Nassau counties have also put bans into place driving the sparkler trade underground. Bottom line is all fireworks including sparklers can be dangerous but are officials overreacting?

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