Starting today, June 3, 2024, through Sunday, June 9, 2024, the New York State Police will launch a focused initiative targeting speeding and aggressive driving behaviors.

This year's “Speed Week” enforcement campaign aims to curb the alarming rate of speeding-related fatalities on New York's roads. In alignment with this effort, additional State Police patrols will be deployed, with a particular emphasis on monitoring highway work zones and enforcing New York’s “Move Over” Law.

Police car on road with flash lights and siren

Superintendent Steven G. James of the State Police emphasized, “Our objective with this campaign, as with our year-round traffic enforcement endeavors, is to mitigate speed-related accidents and enhance safety for all travelers on New York’s highways.

State Troopers will maintain high visibility during this enforcement period and throughout the peak summer driving season, targeting those who endanger others through reckless driving behaviors.”

In 2022, Speed-Related Crashes Claimed 345 Lives

Speeding is implicated in nearly one-third of all fatal crashes in New York State, according to the Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research (ITSMR) at the University at Albany. In 2022, speed-related crashes claimed 345 lives and caused injuries to 11,963 individuals in New York State alone.

Throughout the “Speed Week” enforcement phase, Troopers will utilize both marked State Police vehicles and Concealed Identity Traffic Enforcement (CITE) vehicles. These specialized vehicles enable Troopers to effectively identify motorists violating traffic laws.

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Although these vehicles blend seamlessly with regular traffic, they become unmistakable as emergency vehicles once their emergency lighting is activated.

Facebook/New York State Department of Transportation
Facebook/New York State Department of Transportation

Enforcement actions during this period will target speeding across all vehicle types, alongside other traffic violations, including distracted or impaired driving, failure to properly use seat belts, and violations of New York’s Move Over law.

Speed Week 2023 By The Numbers

During the previous Speed Week campaign in June 2023, State Troopers issued a total of 20,952 traffic tickets. These included 10,478 citations for speeding, 516 for distracted driving, 375 for Move Over law violations, and the arrest of 172 individuals for drunk and impaired driving.

New York State Police
New York State Police

In New York State, speeding fines range from $45 for exceeding the speed limit by up to 10 mph, up to $600 for exceeding the speed limit by more than 30 mph, for a first-time conviction.

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