Over the weekend, I asked y'all what were some of your embarrassing first date stories. I think it is only fair I mention a couple of mine. Let us know you're stories on Facebook, Instagram, or texting us in the WRRV App.

Story #1: The Speeding Ticket

One summer, I was going on a first date with this girl that I met from a class in college the semester prior. We didn't interact all the much during the class, but we started talking after she interacted on a post I made on Instagram. We had been talking for about a month and a half, and she decided to take a bus up to Albany to visit me for a weekend. I had it all planned out: We were going to go to the county fair, see a movie, go see a friend's band play, and take her to a couple good restaurants. It was going to be a jam-packed weekend and I wanted to do it right.

I pick her up from the bus station, and we were driving to the fair. We got so caught up in conversation that I missed my turn. As I ask her to pull up Google Maps on her phone so we can find the quickest route back on track, I see the flashing blue and red lights behind. Apparently, I wasn't just not paying attention to my turn, I also wasn't paying attention to my speed. The officer gives me a ticket for going 70 mph in a 55 zone. I had my date with me for no more than 30 minutes. I was quite and embarrassed and shook by the experience.

Luckily enough, by the time we get to the fair, everything moves along smoothly, and we ended up having a nice weekend. Thank God that ticket didn't ruin the rest of our experience.

Story #2: The Hospital Visit

A different time in college, I just started seeing this one girl. We had only been together for two days at this point. I think we wrapped up watching a movie at my dorm, so I walked her over to hers. She asked if I wanted to come inside to look at a photo book of her's. When we get to her room, I felt hot all of a sudden. This was the middle of the fall, and I felt like I was in the summer sun. She pulls out the book, and we are looking at it, but I am getting very uncomfortable. Then, I feel my stomach rumble. "Oh no, time for the bathroom," I thought. I tried to hold out as long as I could until I finally asked her where the bathroom was. As I walk down the hall, the desire to go No. 2 went away; however, another desire arose. I raced to a stall and started vomiting horrendously. It was easily one of the worst experiences throwing up that I could remember. As I'm hunched over the toilet, I hear her call in, "Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, just fi-" and back at it again. I thought I was going to throw up all of my intestines. I was so embarrassed. At that point, I excused myself and went back home. That whole night, I couldn't sleep because I was in so much stomach pain, and kept throwing up, or at the least, dry heaving. I went to Health Services on campus as soon as they opened and they feared that I had appendicitis, so they sent me to the hospital immediately. That was unfortunate because I was supposed to be in a concert on campus that night. The girl I started dating was also going to be in it, and we told each other that we would take pictures afterwards in the lobby as we were all dressed up. Not in the cards, I guess. After spending the whole day in the ER, the doctor's told me it wasn't appendicitis, but they didn't know what it was exactly. All they did was send me home, prescribing bed rest. Eventually it passed, and to this day I have no idea exactly what happened to me.

Well, those are just a couple of my bad encounters, let us know some of yours! Do you think you can top either one of my stories?

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