With St. Patrick's Day in the distant rear-view mirror, another holiday, though a bit less widely celebrated, is quickly approaching. Though this one has some religious undertones, there's one thing that many, religious or not, take part in when it comes to celebrating, and that's the pastries.

Blurred Photo of the Iterior of a Church Sanctuary with Congregation, Pastor, and a Large Cross Visible

What is Saint Joseph's Day or the Feast of Saint Joseph?

Celebrated each March 19th, a day of solemnity in the Catholic Church, it is celebrated as the 'principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary and legal father of Jesus Christ.' The whole story of St. Joseph, linked above, covers all of the different ways to celebrate the day, but most people are familiar with the day for one big reason...the food.

It shouldn't be a surprise that this holiday is most often celebrated by Italians, as St. Joseph is one of the most popular saints among Italians.

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How Does The Saint Joseph's Pastry Come Into Play?

Food is a big part of the celebration for Saint Joseph's Day, and those who actually follow the rules will have a meatless feast, blessed if possible, with all sorts of delicacies. One of those happens to be the St. Joseph's Pastry or the Sfingi di San Giuseppe.

There are multiple variations to the pastry depending on where you get it from, but the main idea is that it is a type of zeppole or fried dough, filled with some sort of cream, custard or cannoli, and topped with fruit, usually cherry, and powdered sugar. Some compare it to a variation of a cream puff (I don't agree).

Highly Recommended Dutchess County St. Joseph's Pastry

So where can you find them locally? Here's where Hudson Valley residents are saying they get their favorite St. Joseph's pastries:

The Pastry Garden in Poughkeepsie (pictured above)

Dolce Italian Bakery in Lagrangeville

Los Hornitos, Wappingers Falls

Tiramisu in Hopewell Junction

Bert's Hideout, Fishkill

Mama Mia's Wappingers Falls (Cardoso Cookies)

Katie Rose Bakery in Hopewell Junction

Did we cover your favorite spot, and what's your pick, cannoli or custard? Happy St. Joseph's!

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