I personally love star gazing and taking pictures of the moon. We live in such a beautiful area that the sky always seems to be lit up at night. Along with stargazing, we can now enjoy the sound of the peepers and soon enough the crickets. I always find that stargazing reconnects me with nature and its such a stress reliver. There's also an app that I use to see where the planets are at that very moment.

Here in the Hudson Valley, stargazing just got better. Walkway at Night of 2021 gives you the perfect view of the moon, sky and of course the Mid-Hudson Bridge in the distance. It would be so relaxing to walk above the Hudson River on the World’s Longest Elevated Pedestrian Bridge.

This event will take place on Friday, May 21st, 2021 from 8:45pm-10:15pm.

A nonprofit organization, the Friends of the Walkway want to bring the community together to enjoy the views. The events attendance is limited so everyone planning on visiting must reserve a ticket. Check in will be done at the gate during arrival. To purchase a ticket, check out the link here.

If you are a Walkway member then there is no cost to attend this event. However, nonmembers can register for only $5.

If you are interested in becoming a Walkway member, you can check out the link here.

Will you be attending this event? This would be ideal for a first date, those who love stargazing and just to have a relaxing night with a close friend.

Walkway State Historic Park West Entrance

87 Haviland Rd.

Highland, NY 12528

Tips For Going To the Walkway Over the Hudson