If nothing else, last week’s Republican National Convention brought the nation something it sorely needed, that of Stephen Colbert’s return to the “Stephen Colbert” character as only the Colbert Report knew him. That return landed Colbert in some legal hot water, however, so let’s meet his off-brand replacement, Stephen Colbert!

The Late Show Colbert joked that Comedy Central had called him on the use of their intellectual property, for which the late-night host officially “retired” his previous persona, and subsequently introduced us to his “identitcal twin cousin,” conveniently also named Stephen Colbert. The newer, seemingly bluer iteration made known his interest to join Late Show full-time, but we’ll see how often the character comes up.

Colbert also introduced a similar-but-legally-distinct version of his famous “The Word” segment, appropriately titled “The Werd.” Colbert always used the segment to offer thoughtful, but biting commentary on a particular issue, so hopefully we’ll see more of these Colbert Report holdovers in the future.

In the meantime, check out the full clip above, and stay tuned for more from The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.