Today (Sept. 29) marks the 25th anniversary of Stone Temple Pilots' Core album, which gave the band their start on very rewarding career. But for STP, the band is also looking ahead to the next chapter of their career. After the exit of Chester Bennington from their lineup, the band launched an exhaustive singer search and it now appears they're close to taking that next step as a band.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, bassist Robert DeLeo revealed, "We've been working with someone – I don't want to name names yet – and we're making music. I don't know if he's well-known or unknown; I don't look at him as 'well-known.' But we're writing music and we're hopefully looking at finishing a record and putting it out soon."

Meanwhile, in our own interview, guitarist Dean DeLeo offered more insight on the singer search and the timely task it was. "It was arduous. It was a lot of work. We didn't hire people. We didn't have assistance. We didn't have management to go through that. Rob or Eric and I personally went through tens of thousands of submissions. Not once, but twice. I probably have 100 hours in total logged behind my computer going through them," said the guitarist. "We did go through those submissions and there was some very talented people, some extraordinary talented people that we got to see. But it was a lot of work, man."

DeLeo added, "I would just be behind the computer for like six hours straight going through them. It got to the point where I could tell. I could listen to the first five seconds of a song and know if I could proceed. There was some criteria that had to be met to send an audition and if people followed it correctly we asked for them to kindly sing on two songs and send some of their original material and some photos, video, whatever they can send us. If they did send it all, it was a process to go through one audition. But it got to the point where I could tell in five seconds whether this person is even worthwhile. That was quite an event but needless to say we did not find anybody in all the submissions."

Like his brother, Dean does seem optimistic about what's to come though. "We got a lot in our pockets right now. Just wait," teases the guitarist. Stay tuned for the return of Stone Temple Pilots.

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