A little bit Bowie, a little bit Doors, a whole lot of Stone Temple Pilots. STP continue to roll out new music ahead of their upcoming self-titled album and the latest song "Never Enough" has some definite influences rooted in the raucous past of rock but still feeling fresh and vital.

"Never Enough" is the fourth new track we've heard from the Stone Temple Pilots album, which is due to drop next week (March 16). It follows on the heels of the hit single "Meadow," and the preview tracks "Roll Me Under" and "The Art of Letting Go." With a chugging guitar groove, glammy touches and a melodic vocal centerpiece, "Never Enough" feels like a perfect fit in the Stone Temple Pilots catalog.

"We are thrilled about what lies ahead," said guitarist Dean DeLeo upon the announcement of the band's new album. He added, "The best way for us to honor our past is to keep making new music."

Stone Temple Pilots recently kicked off their first major tour with new vocalist Jeff Gutt. Our recap from their triumphant opening night in Santa Clarita, Calif., can be found here. All of the band's scheduled tour dates that have been announced for 2018 can be accessed at this location.

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