If you're anything like me, you had some trouble sleeping this weekend after watching the new Hudson Valley alien documentary.

Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley began streaming on Discovery + over the weekend. In the 2-hour documentary, UFO and alien experts uncovered a ton of evidence that the Hudson Valley is one of the hottest spots in the United States for UFO and alien activity.

There have been over 3,000 reports in the last decade.

In the documentary, we learn that there have been some serious encounters all around the Hudson Valley in the past few years. Warwick, Walden, Cold Spring, Saugerties, and of course Pine Bush were some of the places the UFO experts went during filming.

During their visit to Cold Spring, the team spoke with two men who had allegedly lost two hours after seeing a bright light in the woods. One of the men recounts the next morning where he found bruises all over his body and his tongue turned blue.

With all of that being said, a Dutchess County resident shared with us photos and videos of two objects flying across the sky.

On Sunday, August 15, the two objects were seen moving simultaneously across the Poughkeepsie sky in broad daylight. They didn't make much of a noise and mirrored each other's movements.  Were they drones? Maybe. But at the moment they're still unidentified.

You be the judge, watch the video from Jon Oaklah below:

While Poughkeepsie wasn't mentioned in the documentary, the Dutchess County town has had possible UFO sightings in the past.

Most recently in May of 2021, a Dutchess County family was driving home from the Overlook Drive-In and witnessed a string of blinking lights across the sky. Some believed it to be UFO activity, while others thought it was Elon Musk's satellite.


What do you think they could be? Are we looking too much into it? Are they just very talented drone performers? Or could it be something otherworldly making its way to Dutchess County?

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