I bet you can't guess what's for dinner. Check out these insane photos of local bird of prey in action neat the Hudson River.

Nature is amazing and local wildlife is so fascinating.

The Hudson Valley is home to many species of larger predatory birds of prey are also known as raptors. New York is home to owls, hawks, harriers, eagles and even falcons. If you're a small animal you don't want to come under the radar of any of them.

I've never seemed to notice just how lethal some larger birds are.

Falcons are extraordinary hunters. According to A-Z Animals, they are actually the fastest animal on the planet on land or in the air. Some species of falcons have been clocked at over 200 miles an hour.

If you're watching a falcon in action it can be easy to miss something if they are that fast. Thankfully, a local photographer documented a falcon on the hunt for us near the New Jersey border off of the Hudson River.

James Sengul managed to snap some insanely captivating photos of two falcons on the hunt and fighting over small prey. One of the falcon's ended up snatching another small bird.

Are birds cannibals? No, it's only cannibalism if a bird eats another bird from their same species. Falcons often prey on smaller birds, bats and other small rodents.

Falcon's don't a have very many enemies that rank higher on the food chain except for of course larger and more dangerous birds like eagles.

Stunning Photos Capture Falcon Tearing into Another Bird Along Hudson

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