It's been 10 years since we've seen new music from 'System Of A Down' and although a solo career attempt and live touring has kept the band busy fans have been begging for new material. We'll good news for fans...Serj Tankian recently sat down with Rollingstone and the idea for new material is still alive...that is once they wrap up a tour and only if all the pieces fall into place!

"There has been talk, and we are going to play this tour, come back and we're going to see where we are. If we have songs that work for System, if I have them and Daron  [Malakian] has them."

Last year there was rumor that there was struggles in the band when Drummer John Dolmayan said that he was frustrated by the current situation and he hinted at creative struggles. However there seems the be a little hope according to Tankian...

"The openness is there to work together, but we haven't made any particular plans that we can announce."


So its' not officially official but if the creative minds can flow and if bygones be bygones maybe we can see some new stuff...
"I have a few that could apply, but I'm not sure until the time comes where I can actually play them for the guys and see if it's something that vibes off them."
The bands last albums Mezmerize and Hypnotize were released back in 2005...since then we've seen a solo attempt from Serj but recently the bands been reuniting for some touring. The latest is set for April ....the Wake Up The Souls world tour which aims to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide of April 1915, in which 1.5million Armenians were murdered by the Ottoman Empire. You can click here for the full Rollingstone interview and read more about the history of the tour. So I guess for now we wait....and listen to some classic 'Sysytem Of A Down'!