Well, finally some good new to report. A lot of folks were understandably upset when Taco Bell decided to remove a bunch of items from their menu in 2020. It was another unfortunate side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of the related shutdowns. One of the menu favorites that said goodbye were the Potato Soft Tacos. This shook quite a few people. One long time customer even tweeted in July just how much of an effect the departing potatoes would have on their lives.

Taco bell getting rid of potatoes is worse than my parents divorce.

Wow. People were sure desperate. There was even a petition on Change.org. Well, fear not, there is some happy news. WENY is reporting that the fast food giant plans to bring back both the Spicy Potato Soft Tacos and the Fiesta Potatoes to their restaurants in the Hudson Valley, and the rest of the country, on March 11. Life is slowly but surely getting back to normal.

How much to people love these potato tacos?  One guy from Missouri was so hard up for these things that he bought a few of the last remaining ones, froze them, and put them up for sale Facebook Marketplace as a three pack for $200. His listing even says the potato tacos were in "mint condition" and were brought straight "from drive through to freezer.". If you think he's crazy, he claims he actually sold two out of the three tacos for $70 dollars a piece.

Taco Bell is one of a few fast food chains who decided to bring back an old customer favorite to their menus. McDonald's brought back the famed McRib to all restaurants nationwide back on December 2020. This will be the first time the sandwich will appear at every McDonald's in the country since 2012. Since then, the limited-time menu item has been rolled only at certain McDonald's, making it hard to find for many.

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