Arkells Go From The Chance Theater to The Super Bowl
Did you catch this Arkells song that played during the Super Bowl last night? They were just here at the WRRV Studios in November and now they're on the grandest stage of them all.

Arkells performed at WRRV's Holiday Hangover show in November and needless to say, they rocked the place. …
Is This Cereal Box Racist or is the Argument a Bit Corny?
Some are calling it extremely insensitive and some are calling it race-baiting? Either way, it was enough for an immediate response from the cereal company. Now Corn Pops is looking into updating their box.

Recently, a tweet went viral that caused a everyone to question the date and meaning behin…
Is This Dove Commercial Racist?
Dove is facing some negative attention due to a recent ad they ran on Facebook. Many have deemed it racist. What do you think?

I'm not in advertising but imagine that anytime you are having the diversity of several different races or even genders portrayed in an ad you need to have it very c…