Some are calling it extremely insensitive and some are calling it race-baiting? Either way, it was enough for an immediate response from the cereal company. Now Corn Pops is looking into updating their box.

Recently, a tweet went viral that caused a everyone to question the date and meaning behind the picture from the back of Pops cereal box.

Saladin Ahmed started quite the conversation on Twitter. Some seem to see it as blatant racism and others find Ahmed's argument to be ridiculous.

Can cereal even be racist? Don't you need to be a race of people to show race. Did I miss something and did corn become a race of people with thoughts and feelings? It's 2017, stranger things can and will probably happen.

The little dude is odd and so blatantly different it's almost like the artist wanted it to be noticed. Also, who is still eating Corn Pops and what young child is studying the box that closely?

I don't think it is brown Corn Pop at all. It's the only character with clothes on and a nose. My theory is that this character is a peanut just trying to clean up at this raging party of Corn Pops. What do you suppose he's listening to?