90% of Kids Don't Know What This Retired Piece of Tech Is
It's hard to believe that millennials are actually getting older. We've got to make way for an entirely new generation to drive us crazy. recently posted a survey where they tested a 6-18 year old kids on how well they knew different items from the '90s.

Why Millennials of New York Actually Love Doing Their Taxes
Thankfully, millennials aren't taking a page out of Wesley Snipes' playbook. Not only is the younger generation getting their taxes done early but they may actually be enjoying it. How terrifying is that?

April is a month that most people dread. Getting your taxes done is the most extre…
Are Adults Living at Home Ruining Their Parents Lives?
Parents are always sad to see their kids leave the nest. However, that doesn't mean that they want you to stay there forever. Some time the birdies have to fly. You've got to admit that there's a certain negative stigma about men and woman over a certain age that still live with their…
Studies Show That Millennials Have The Grossest Teeth Ever
Growing up in a generation that didn't make you brush after a meal or before bed could be taking is toll. We may have to bust out the Big Book of British Smiles.

If it were 1818, I would be a bit fearful of going to the dentist. In 2018 it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Am I crazy fo…