Thankfully, millennials aren't taking a page out of Wesley Snipes' playbook. Not only is the younger generation getting their taxes done early but they may actually be enjoying it. How terrifying is that?

April is a month that most people dread. Getting your taxes done is the most extreme form of adulting. Ben Franklin warned us that the only things that are certain are death and taxes.


According to YouGov, more millennials enjoy doing their taxes than ever before. Not only do they enjoy getting their taxes done early but they willl also file themselves through free or cheap software. Why do you think that is? Though it seems like it's a sign of growing up and being more responsible it's most likely because it's not that difficult to file as long as you don't have anything to claim. A lot of younger people filing will most likely get refund.

The problem is that many millennials are already in some form of debt either from student loans, car loans or with a credit card.

Are you getting a refund? Will it be spent before you even get the check?

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